Trucking Industry


Custom design and manufacturing services

King Rubber provides a complete range of custom design, engineering and manufacturing services for applications requiring special dust covers or bellows not shown on the parts of heavy duty trucks. We can analyze your requirements and specify the best materials and designs to meet customer requirements

• high and low temperatures

• presence of oil, solvent, acid, base or other liquid

• wear and tear limits

• sunlight, ozone, oxygen and weathering conditions

Flame retardant,

The clamping fit system can be integrated into the design to eliminate the need for retaining rings and plate screws while retaining moisture and sound. Plastic inserts are available in a variety of internal sizes if required. Every design has aesthetics and functionality in mind, so our boots look great when bent and moved. From concept and prototype testing to final production, our engineers provide design and material testing. Our manufacturing facilities ensure the timely delivery of quality products at reasonable prices.

The heavy cargo industry expanded

In the heavy truck industry as most people know, our products are further expanded into similar categories as listed below. Some types of truck listed under heavy trucks may also be medium size. In North America, medium trucks are larger than heavy pickups or full-size trucks.

Box-type trucks

The van

Section chassis

Medium-sized trucks, such as the ford f-650 in North America

Medium standard truck

Platform truck

Flatbed (or possibly light truck)

Fire trucks (possibly heavy trucks)

Recreational vehicles or recreational vehicles

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