Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets

In modern industrial settings, rubber grommets have many critical uses. These rubber molded parts help protect against tearing, chafing and breaking of wires, cables and hoses that are run through metal panels. They are also excellent for general hole reinforcement.
At Allstates Rubber and Tool Corp., we are experts at finding the perfect rubber grommet for your specific needs no matter your industry or application. We stock and sell hundreds of different grommets in a wide variety of sizes. Our selection rubber grommets includes:
Standard Grommets: Allstates Rubber and Tool Corp. offers grommets in plain bore, offset shoulder and with a solid I.D. to plug a hole
Military Standard Grommets: We offer a wide selection of military standard grommets in a variety of diameters  with multiple groove heights.
Blind Grommets: We have a selection of blind grommets used to close holes
Horseshoe Grommets are typically flat on one side and used to protect wires fed through the edge of a panel
Webbed Grommets are used to close holes where wires need to be pushed through later.  Webs can be molded with pre-embossed slits to make this process easier
All of the above grommets can be split for ease of insertion or to wrap around pre-connected wire harnesses.

To learn more about King Rubber’s  rubber grommets, contact one of our representatives directly today via email.





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