Extruded Rubber Seals, Channels & Tubing

At king Rubber Products  we stock and sell an array of high quality extruded rubber seals, channels, and tubing.  King Rubber’s has dedicated experience extruding V-Channels, S-Strips, P-Strips, Solid Cord, ID/OD Tubing and various on these shapes to your application needs. We also offer cut to length extrusions. You will find King Rubbers’ extruded rubber seals, channels, and tubing in use in  variety of industries including:

At  king Rubber Products , selection of rubber seals, channels, and tubing such as:
Our stock of weatherstrips includes 22 “E” strips, 16 solid round cord, and 200 other types in various bulb and wall widths, heights, thicknesses, and base sizes
Odds are good you will find the right U-channel in our selection of 61 U-channels and 12 U-channels/P Strips
oWe offer many different pure gum rubber tubes and 42 black rubber tubes in a variety of diameters (ID/OD) and wall size
For over many years, king Rubber Products. has provided our customers the right extruded rubber seals, channels, and tubing to match the performance specifications. To learn more please  contact us at king Rubber Products call us today. 




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