Shipping Industry


King rubber is a leading manufacturer of rubber seals, hoses, gaskets, o-rings and molded rubber products for use on land, sea and on board ships.

Manufactures gaskets, hoses, bottle caps, plugs, gaskets, bumpers and floats for various rubber compounds used in Marine applications.Whether it's building recreational and luxury yachts, water sports equipment, commercial and fishing boats, or container ships.Our gaskets, hoses, o-rings, numerous rubber molded products are used in all types of ship construction to ensure safe, reliable and durable operations in these floating cities (but they are not!).cars only

Custom shaped extruded profiles and strips

Tubing and wiring

Marine washer

Pump and valve diaphragm

Door and window gasket

Forming a hose

Molded rubber roll

Moulded gaskets, gaskets, grommets, bellows, boots, caps, plugs

Hatch cover seal

Rubber sheet

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