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Products and applications commonly used in HVAC industry

King Rubber Products has been serving many channels in the HVAC industry. Our TPV can be used as damping blade seals, gate washers and condensing tubes. TPV is the best choice for these applications because they are economical and flexible at very cold and very cold temperatures, allowing them to retain their sealing capacity. When exposed to long-term thermal aging, TPV does not contract or harden as PVC does. Extruded profiles can be infinitely spliced to form ideal pipe seals.

Our directional flow pipe solves the blockage caused by engineering bending, absorbs moisture where it is needed and extends the life of the HVAC system.

With our wide range of materials and our ability to create double and triple hardness squeezers, King Rubber can help you with your Rubber


Damper blade seal

Door gasket

Screw cover gasket

Pipe/pipe seal

Condensed water pipe

Weather stripping

Vibration control

Heat insulation

The gasket


Excellent long term thermal aging

Low compression set

Excellent flexibility & recycled

Meet ROHS standard

Strict tolerance

Double and triple durometers

The ozone resistance & coloring

UL certification & Joining together endless

Almost no volatile emissions

NVH components for hvac industry

We manufacture vibration, shock and noise control products for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), industrial and defense applications.

Our most popular vibration and noise control products include the following or learn more about our experience.

Anti-vibration pad (waffle and rib)

Rubber cork pad and rubber steel rubber pad

Spring bracket/spring isolator

Spring hangers

Shear mount/hanger rubber

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