Agriculture Industry


King Rubber is produced for agriculture through original equipment manufacturers. They are sold to agricultural distributors and retail farm stores, and we are recognized as a leader in product quality and service. We are able to label our products as retail and make kits according to customer requirements. From low pressure sprayer hose to helical ultra-high pressure hydraulic hose assembly, we are ready to meet your needs. We have extensive experience in ensuring that your products will replace customer expectations. King rubber has rich experience in both extreme temperature requirements, high temperature oil resistance and complex geometric design. Even pesticide sprayers are highly corrosive fertilizers. We can manufacture rubber parts you need according to your design and specifications:

OEM agricultural equipment

Boots and bumpers

Cap and plug

D - seal

Edge trim

Electronic seal

Irrigation hose (solid, co-squeezed, reinforced)

The rubber gasket

Washer and o-ring

Spray hose with brass fittings


Isolate the installation

Tube and casing

T cross section

Ultraviolet tube

FDA gasket and hose

Fruit and production conveyor belts

Hopper cover

Irrigation system pipes and fittings

Die cut washer (with PSA backing)

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