Aerospace Industry


We will whole heartedly provide you a full service as rubber manufacturing partners, to help you achieve your goal as safe global travel!

Rubber products play an important role in the assembly, maintenance and reliable operation of aerospace systems and commercial aircraft. At King rubber , we specialize in producing custom rubber components,

Fluorine rubber

Natural rubber



Fluorine and silicon


With our most advanced tools and manufacturing with mature production process after years of operation and improvement, we insist on obtaining the highest quality customized and standard rubber parts precision every time. At King Rubber, we offer seals, gaskets, hoses, o-rings, bumpers, inflatable seals, plugs and gaskets, to name a few commercial aircraft and satellite subsystems. King Rubber is specially designed for the aerospace industry to produce customized Rubber parts, such as

Rubber parts for extremely high and low temperature working range

Mold the window to seal

Corner molded door/hatch seal

A variety of simple and complex shapes (channels, petioles, ropes) for continuous length rubber extrusions

Pipes and seals

Pipes and vents are sealed

Wing seal

Lighting gasket

Hatch cover and lining

Protect the bellows cover

King Rubber will work with you at every stage of your product development cycle. To understand your specific/custom requirements and to ensure the highest quality within the best turnaround time in the industry through our manufacturing facilities.

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