The Railway Industry


King Rubber is a leading manufacturer of Rubber and rubber-metal adhesive parts for the railway industry.

Our durable and customizable rubber components are widely used for reliable operation, such as fast passenger trains, freight trains, and underground railway systems.

We manufacture EPDM, fluorosiloxane, neoprene, nitrile butadiene rubber, fluoro rubber and natural rubber from the highest quality raw materials for our railway rubber compounds.By utilizing catalysts, curing agents, and other additives, we can actively change the properties of these compounds during mixing and manufacturing operations to achieve the desired properties for end-user applications.

U rubber groove

Bonnet rubber profile & D sealing

Rubber to metal bond diaphragm

Vinyl caps and plugs

Rubber bracket, gasket and bushing

Rubber mat

Railway transport diaphragm

Rubber plugs and bumpers

Rubber o-ring

The rubber gasket

Die cut rubber washer

Vibration damping bumper

Flame retardant extruded rubber profiles

Molded rubber products

No matter what aspect of the railway and railway industry your business operates, if you need the highest quality rubber parts to keep your trains running, you can rely on our rubber parts.

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