A Brief Introduction to EPDM

A Brief Introduction to EPDM


EPDM – also known as ethylene propylene diene monomer – is an extremely versatile material used in a variety of applications, from automotive products to HVAC parts. This type of rubber also acts as a less expensive alternative to silicone, as it can last for long periods of time with proper use.


You can get a general idea about the performance of EPDM in the below chart:


EPDM Performance
Operating Temperature -50 to 140ºC
Mechanical strength  Fair/Good
Abrasion resistance Fair
Flex resistance Fair
Low Temp. Flexibility   Good/Excellent
Ozone/Weather Resistance  Excellent
Water Resistance  Excellent
Impermeability to Gases  Good
Oil Resistance Poor
Fuel Resistance Poor
Resistance to Dilute Acid  Excellent
Resistance to Dilute Alkali  Good


EPDM Applications



Compressor Grommets

Mandrel formed drain tubes

Pressure switch tubing

Panel gaskets and seals



Weather stripping and seals

Wire and cable harnesses

Window spacers

Hydraulic brake systems

Door, window, and trunk seals



Water system O-rings and hoses




Electrical insulation and stinger covers


Post time: Jul-14-2020