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Are you a direct sales or a manufacturer's representative?

King Rubber is a custom manufacturer that also provides sales expertise.

Can you provide a catalog of the parts currently available?

We do not offer a catalog because each product is custom-ordered to client specification.

Do you have an engineer?

B: Yes.

How do I get a quote?

Please send your inquiry and drawings to sales@king-rubber.com or visit our website "Quotation" under the Parts tab.

What types of rubber parts do you supply? Extrusion or moldings, etc.?

We offer customized moldings, extrusions, die-cutting and lathe-cutting rubber parts, as well as plastic products.

What are the different markets for King Rubber?

We currently work with hundreds of companies and our products can be used in many industries requiring rubber and plastic customization, such as in HVAC systems, home appliances, heavy equipment, power-tool machineries, secondary-vehicles, automobiles, construction projects, public transportation, elevator doors and electrical safety equipment.

Why does my offer say "part of the tool fee?"

King Rubber retains ownership of the referenced tool.

*If you want to acquire ownership of the tool, we can provide the 100% cost of the tool in the quotation.

What specifications does King Rubber require on the application to receive an accurate quotation on the product?

Please provide the estimated annual-usage, material specifications and drawings or descriptions of the rubber parts.

Why does Tooling and Sample Delivery take 4-6 weeks?

The Tooling and Sample Delivery process will take 4-6 weeks, as the customized tool must be produced first.  Then during tool production, we may have to design a new tool or adjust the existing tool to reach the exact specification.  Once the tool is completed, we will manufacture a sample and send to you for approval, along with product documentation.

Is King Rubber ISO-certified?

Our company’s ISO-certification has been in effect since 1998.  King Rubber is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Can you do rubber-metal bonding?

Our company currently offers customized rubber-metal bonded parts from smaller to larger sizes, ranging from less than 1-inch in diameter - to over 1-foot in total length.

Can you use our existing tools in your equipment?

Yes, in some cases, our company can use your existing tools based on several factors: including mold type, size and age.  Please discuss with your King Rubber representative for the possibility.

Do you have any spare parts?

Since most of our custom rubber parts are made with the customer's own tools, we do not normally act as an inventory company.  However, we do have some parts that can be used more frequently and we may have stock such as plugs, buttonholes and some pipes.  We can also store parts according to your needs, which we currently supply to many customers.  We will ship the goods according to your schedule.

How long will it take for me to receive a quotation after my initial inquiry?

Our company will send you a quotation for plastic products in 5 - 7 business days.  The quotation for extruded rubber or die-cut parts will be in 3 - 5 business days.

What is the lead time for samples and tools?

The delivery time for molds and samples is usually 4 to 6 weeks for extruded samples and 6 to 8 weeks for molds and samples.

What is the lead time for producing parts?

Production parts are based on sample approval.  For extrusion/die-cutting production, the delivery cycle is about 4 to 5 weeks, and the molding parts production is about 5 to 6 weeks.

Do you do PPAP?

Yes, we do PPAP.  This information should be communicated to King Rubber when submitting a request for a quote and any other relevant information (i.e., testing) related to the shape/fit/function of the part.

Do you use sponge rubber?

Yes, we use sponge rubber, extruded and molded.

Are you using plastic?

Yes, we manufacture and produce plastic products: extruded and molded.

Can you determine the appropriate polymer and hardness for my application?

Yes, our experienced team of experts can guide you to determine the right type of rubber or polymer, depending on the application and environment your parts will be exposed to.

Can you send my order directly to my customer?

Yes, in many cases.

Why do I have to "sign" these pre-production/sample parts before the production order runs?  I will buy this order as soon as possible!

You can waive the right to sample approval, but in the process you also waive the subsequent right to change or correct the parts prior to actual production.

My parts need light-fitting.  Does King Rubber provide lightweight assembly on parts or packaging?

Yes, we provide light assembly on both parts and packaging.

Can I apportion my tooling costs to the unit price of my initial order?

Yes.  The cost of the tool can be spread over the price of a single piece.

What is the minimum hardness you can handle?

The limits of a durometer depend on the type of rubber you need:

Extrusion unit - 40 hardness tester

Molded part - 30 hardness tester

What is the maximum hardness you can handle?

Hardness tester limits depend on the type of rubber part you need:

Extrusion unit - 80 hardness tester

Molded part - 90 hardness tester

Can a King Rubber product be traced back to the raw material supplier?

Yes, there is a blue label on each batch.  The batch number traces the material back to the raw material supplier.

Do you track quality costs?

Yes, our company goal is to reduce the quality cost to less than 2%.

How long do quality records last?

Our company retains quality records for three years.

What are the advantages of King Rubber products?

King Rubber is focused on meeting your most demanding custom specifications, while ensuring the highest quality product assurance, customer service and on-time delivery,  with the most competitive pricing.

Do you have a continuous improvement program?

Yes, we provide written procedures and forms for all continuous improvement projects.We deploy continuous improvement throughout the organization.  Encourage everyone to come up with ideas for improving products, processes, systems, productivity, and work environments.  Techniques include control charts, constraint theory, PPM analysis, FMEA, value analysis, etc. (????????)

Are training needs defined for all employees?

Yes, the staff conducts a quarterly audit and reviews the training results at that time.We keep training records electronically.   Cross-train as needed and require full-time employees to receive at least 20 hours of training per year.

Is the holding area of nonconforming material available?

Yes, we put the parts in the holding area and marked them red according to our procedure.


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