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Automotive product capabilities and scope

Rubber parts are widely used in the automotive industry for shock absorbers, heat, leak, high pressure and tolerance critical applications. At King Rubber, we have a wide range of manufacturing capabilities to produce seals, hoses, tubes, o-rings, gaskets, bellows, gaskets, caps, bushing and other Rubber products.

Modern cars are sophisticated high-performance machines with luxury, aesthetics, safety and performance expectations in a competitive and saturated market. Our customers in traditional automotive/automotive manufacturers and electric vehicle manufacturers rely on our prototypes and mass production of their rubber components (extrusion, molding and die-cut rubber components).Our product portfolio includes a variety of rubber products for automotive applications, such as:

O Ring

Viton O ring

EPDM O ring & PTFE O ring

Nitrile butadiene ring

Silicone o-ring & Oil seal

Engine gaskets and seals

Diesel engine seals

Gasoline-engine seals

Engine support system

Sump washer

Rocker arm cover gasket

Front cover gasket

Radiator gasket

Discharge control hose & Duct hose

Long life coolant hose

The head gasket

Rubber metal vibration isolator

Brake brake diaphragm

Brake diaphragm

Brake clamp assembly

Brake drum assembly

Brake assistant assembly

Brake master cylinder assembly

ABS system components

The disconnector cover is sealed

Brake hose

Dust cover seal

CVJ sheath

Pedal pad

The gear cover

Caliper piston seal

Caliper piston boot & bushing

Engine support

Center bearing support

Linear mass damper

Body and chassis mounting seat

Shock absorber bellows

Shock absorber seals

Damping material rubber exhaust hanger

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